What Is Follicular Unit Extraction?

A great option for follicular unit extraction surgery is a Devroye Hybrid Tornado Punch follicular extraction device. We feel this unit yields far superior grafts than similar handheld devices, because it avoids suction-stretching and rotational flaying of the follicles when harvesting.

Using this device, Dr. Shy and Dr. Nguyen carefully select and remove individual follicles from the back and sides of the head. Unlike with the ARTAS-assisted surgery, the Devroye Hybrid Tornado Punch allows for a larger sized surgery because all areas of the donor region are suitable for harvesting follicles. While Dr. Shy and Dr. Nguyen can attain tremendous results with this method, the duration is longer because of the lack of automation.

What Are The Benefits?

There are many benefits of selecting the manual FUE surgery for your hair restoration:

– Larger surgery size than with ARTAS technology
– Less expensive than ARTAS method (mid-range cost)
– Near painless procedure once local anesthesia has been given
– Near scar-less procedure (no linear scar)
– No scalpel, no stitches

A Combination of Robotic and Manual Surgery

For those patients that desire a maximum number of transplants, but also a have a desire to utilize the most advanced technology, a combination surgery is the best option. For this method, Dr. Shy and Dr. Nguyen use the ARTAS robotic technique to extract follicles from the mid-occipital region of the scalp, moving forward laterally. They then use a handheld device to reach the additional areas in the donor region that the ARTAS machine is unable to reach (upper and lower occipital regions, temporoauricular areas).

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